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Spokane Rust User Group

Welcome to Spokane Rust!

Spokane Rust is the premier Spokane Rust User Group. Our desire is to encourage the usage of Rust, promote healthy and productive discourse concerning the Rust language, and grant a safe space for those interested and learning the language! We're a part of the greater greater Spokane tech community and hope you'll join us!

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Upcoming Events

Spokane Rust Workshop: Building your first Rust application!

May 9th, 2024 @ 6PM | Find Spokane Rust on Meetup!

Prepare your laptops! We're running a Rust Workshop!

Are you interested in Rust but lacking the push or drive to get programming in it? Have you maybe tried before, but lacked guidance and help to create something? Then this is the event for you to attend!

Led by Spokane Rust organizers Joshua W. and Nathan T., join us while we guide you through the beginning steps of programming in Rust:

  • Setting up your local development environment with Cargo and Rustup, so you can compile and run your applications.
  • Adding a crate to your project so you can consume APIs others have created.
  • Unit testing and some of the unexpectedly clever Rust idiosyncracies to do with it.
  • Creating an application which you can interact with and debug.
  • Delving first-hand into the complexities and nuance of Rust, such as working with the Borrow Checker.

For the content of this workshop, we'll begin with cargo new and end with a fully-functional command-line calculator. Our calculator will add, subtract, divide, multiply, and perhaps even handle parsing more complex lexical tokens! We'll learn how to gradually implement safety features and how to handle panics induced by buffer overflows and mismatching input at runtime.

This event is open to Rustaceans of all experience levels; never touched programming before? We'll help you get started! Experienced with another language and looking for assistance in translating higher level constructs into Rust's low-level form? We can assist!

Visit the meetup page for more details!

Feel free to stay late to engage in our typical Rust discourse and ruminate on your favorite, or even least favorite, features and what you might make next!

Past Events

The Rust Full-Stack Experience: Axum, Diesel, and Yew

April 11th, 2024 | RSVP for this event on Meetup!

Interesting in learning about a Rust full-stack?

Partake in an evening of Rust with us as Spokane Rust co-organizer Joshua Willis delves into the complexity and nuance of using Rust to build full-stack web applications! This could be considered a sneak preview of the Spokane Rust website's future and architecture.

If you're looking for insight as to where to start on your Rust journey to delivering impactful applications, learning a full-stack architecture is never a bad choice. Full-stack web applications are composed of three major components: A presentation layer, an HTTP/REST backend server layer, and a data-persistence layer. For this presentation, Joshua plans on demonstrating the usage of Yew for rendering UI components and generating static HTML pages, Axum and the Tokio stack acting as the API and business-logic middle-layer, and Diesel and Postgres for modeling and persisting database access!

For a project like this, we touch on a bit of everything. For those interested in picking up Rust, this will be a great opportunity to both see how Rust can be applied in a real-world application and explore some of the different paradigms of programming in Rust.

Afterwards, please stay for our general discussion about all things Rust!

Bring your questions and unique perspective! Collaborate with others! Network, start something new, and spread the good Rust word!

Additional details are available on the Meetup page !

Brilliance in Borrowing

March 21st, 2024 @ 6PM | Find Spokane Rust on Meetup! | Join us on the freshair Matrix

Join us for an evening of exploring Rust's borrow-checker and its complexities!

Step into the world of Rust with us as Nathan delves into the intricacies of Rust's borrow-checker. Learn of the nuances and challenges of managing memory, ownership, and lifetimes in Rust, offering insights into how the borrow-checker ensures memory safety without sacrificing performance. Regardless of your experience level with Rust, we hope you join us to deepen and evolve your understanding, and appreciation, of Rust's unique approach to memory management and most distinguishing feature!

Nathan hopes to demystify Rust's borrow checking system, empowering developers to write safer, more efficient code with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned Rust enthusiast or simply curious about its unique approach to memory management, this dive into the borrow-checker is sure to leave you inspired and eager to apply your newfound understanding in your Rust projects.

The meeting will be hosted at the IntelliTect office on March 21st at 6:00 PM. Registration not required, but please RSVP on the meetup event here!

Afterwards, join us to discuss our meeting cadence and planned updates to the Rust website and User Group as a whole. We would like to ensure everyone who would like to attend has a chance to do so, and so a piece of that discussion will be finalizing a reocurring date for meetups and exploring potential avenues for hosting additional meetups!

Spokane Rust at Python

February 20th, 2024 @ 6PM | Find Spokane Rust on Meetup! | Find Spokane Python on Meetup!

The organizers of Spokane Rust will be announcing the upcoming Spokane Rust User Group meetup and showcasing a special Python-related presentation! Are you interested in Rust, Python, or integrating Rust development into your Python workflow? We'll show you how to do that with PyO3! Join us on February 20th of 2024 for this special event signifying the launch of the Spokane Rust User Group! Mark your attendance here, at the Spokane Python User Group on Meetup. . The event will be taking place at the IntelliTect office at 6:00 PM. Visit the meetup page to get more details and an exact address!

More information on Spokane Rust can be found at the Spokane Rust Meetup!

Spokane Rust Kick-Off

March 21st, 2024 | Spokane Rust on Meetup!

Rustaceans and Programming Enthusiasts in the Eastern Washington area!

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural meetup kicking off Spokane Rust, our local Rustlang user group! Join us for an evening of Rust camaraderie, learning, and discussion on March 21st, 2024 at 6:00PM, taking place at the IntelliTect office 1720 W. 4th Ave. Unit B, Spokane, WA 99201. We will be discussing a reoccurring date that fits all our schedules during the meetup.

Whether you're a seasoned Rust developer or just starting your journey as a fledgling Rustacean, this is your perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and explore Rust's limitless potential!

Additional details will be announced as the event nears, including options for virtual attendance and the topic for the meetup!

We're looking forward to seeing you there!


We are in no way affiliated with the Rust project or Rust Foundation. Spokane Rust is a free-to-attend user-group created by Rust enthusiasts.

All usage of the Rust trademark and Rust copyrighted material, such as the Rust logo, is covered under their usage policy, which can be read here.