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Learning Resources

At the Spokane Rust User Group, there is no expectation of understanding what Rust is and we're happy to help newcomers to the language learn! This is a list we've compiled of some of the best Rust tutoring and information there is that we're aware of.

The Rustlang Book

The Rustlang book is an excellent resource for any beginner Rustacean's introduction to the Rust language! If you're just beginning, this is where we recommend you start.

Rust by Example

Supplementing the Rustlang book with Rust by Example is one of the safest choices you can make a newcomer to the Rust language. Rust by Example aims to provide runnable examples following the Rustlang book, helping users to connect the dots between theory and practice in the Rust programming language.

The Rustonomicon

Dived as deep as you can get with the Rustlang book? Are you ready to break safety principles in the name of performance? Start with the Rustonomicon, where you'll learn to interweave your unsafe Rust into safe abstractions everyone can enjoy!

Rust for Rustaceans

Are you struggling in the in-between stages of beginner and intermediate or intermediate and advanced Rust? Rust for Rustaceans can help ease the anxiety of dealing with implementing reliable systems using the Rust programming language, serving as the premier resource for Rustaceans looking to understand what it means to think in Rust.

Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development

Interested in bridging the gap between your previous systems programming experience in C or C++ and the new concepts introduced by Rust? Programming Rust will help you to understand performance and safety using Rust by teaching using your existing knowledge in systems programming!

Rust Design Patterns

To call Rust an object-oriented programming language isn't entirely accurate, and that presents an interesting challenge when attempting to implement traditional object-oriented design patterns. Rust Design Patterns presents design patterns that you're familiar with and how to adapt them to Rust, helping you strengthen your foundational Rust knowledge. With this book as your guide, it won't take long before you're comfortable enough to implement these common patterns in Rust from memory!

No Boilerplate

Are you a visual learner? Or maybe it just doesn't stick when the narrator doesn't have a British accent? No Boilerplate is here to help with his excellent videos encouraging the use of Rust, including much of the high-level purview that defines our personal relationship and satisification with Rust and programming in general.

Logan Smith of _noisecode

For those of us who prefer the classical American pronunciation of words such as eggplant and wrath, there is also an option with Logan Smith. His comparisons with C++ and C assist those of us already familiar with some systems programming to learn how we might do better with Rust.

Found something helpful or covering topics we're not including?

Rust led a largely successful campaign in 2018 to serve up new and intriguing intermediate Rust learning resources. The effects of this campaign echo into this day, and Rust has become one of the best language to jump into in terms of learning resources!

Of course, we here at Spokane Rust can't capture and vet every tutorial and book created. If you've come across a learning resource you find interesting, something indispensable to your learning of the Rust language, or would like to create a resource yourself - please get in touch with the organizers of the Spokane Rust User Group to have it added!