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The Rust Full-Stack Experience: Axum, Diesel, and Yew

April 11th, 2024 | RSVP for this event on Meetup!

Interesting in learning about a Rust full-stack?

Partake in an evening of Rust with us as Spokane Rust co-organizer Joshua Willis delves into the complexity and nuance of using Rust to build full-stack web applications! This could be considered a sneak preview of the Spokane Rust website's future and architecture.

If you're looking for insight as to where to start on your Rust journey to delivering impactful applications, learning a full-stack architecture is never a bad choice. Full-stack web applications are composed of three major components: A presentation layer, an HTTP/REST backend server layer, and a data-persistence layer. For this presentation, Joshua plans on demonstrating the usage of Yew for rendering UI components and generating static HTML pages, Axum and the Tokio stack acting as the API and business-logic middle-layer, and Diesel and Postgres for modeling and persisting database access!

For a project like this, we touch on a bit of everything. For those interested in picking up Rust, this will be a great opportunity to both see how Rust can be applied in a real-world application and explore some of the different paradigms of programming in Rust.

Afterwards, please stay for our general discussion about all things Rust!

Bring your questions and unique perspective! Collaborate with others! Network, start something new, and spread the good Rust word!

Additional details are available on the Meetup page !